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  • Join Marley Jaxx - content strategist, video marketing expert, and CEO of Jaxx Productions - for a 4-day workshop experience like no other!
  • Experience a series of workshop sessions, each unlocking a secret to intriguing your audience, maintaining their attention, and effortlessly persuading them toward a high ticket sale. 
  • ​Build your own infinite cashflow loop based on the same strategies that made it possible for the Infinite Video Impact Challenge to achieve 6 figures in gross sales in less than a year. 
  • ​Discover the power of an irresistible front end offer that generates massive leads for your business, effortlessly ascends audiences in your value ladder, and provides a monthly supply of raving fans for your movement. 
  • ​Take advantage of never-before-released strategies, frameworks and tactics that will help you establish an infinite cashflow loop for your business that’s easy to create and even easier to maintain.

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NOV 21
“Financial Freedom In A Front End Offer: The Power Of Your Infinite CashFlow Loop”
Whether you have a few converting offers on the go or you’re just getting your first offer ready, set your next launch up for success by creating a fool-proof front end offer. Join Marley for the first Infinite Cashflow Workshop, where she’ll define the “infinite cashflow loop” and explain how building one for our business added 6 figures to our yearly ROI in 2020.


NOV 22
“Proprietary StorySELLING Framework: How To Transfix Your Audience To Become Lifelong Buyers”
Gone are the days of marketing that falls flat! Let Marley show you how to wrap your offer in a compelling story that will fascinate your audience from beginning to end. They won’t know they’re being pitched to until they’ve already given you their credit cards!


NOV 22
“From $0 To High Ticket: How To Effortlessly Ascend Customers Who’ll Crave Your High Ticket Offer (Without Spending Hundreds On Ads Or Using Sleazy Sales Tactics)”
When your content becomes a part of your audience’s routine, they’ll do anything not to break it! Learn the science behind the customer journey in this cashflow-focused session that will unlock the secret to getting repeat customers!


NOV 23
“How To Implement Radical StorySELLING For Your Audience, Leaving Your Audience With Blown Minds And Open Wallets (Even If You’re Not A “Natural-Born Storyteller”)”
This is where the rubber meets the road! Let Marley walk you through the process of applying her proprietary storyselling framework to your own business, whether you’re a storytelling superstar or a bashful business owner. 


NOV 23
“Game-ify Your Cashflow Loop: How To Motivate Your Audience To Build Know-Like-Trust, Lower Resistance, And Ensure Maximum Cashflow For Your Business”
Let Marley guide you through the process of building your very own unique rewards program to incentivize your audience’s engagement. Be warned: by implementing what you learn in this session, you’ll likely be met with an audience of raving fans, just waiting to give you their testimonials!


NOV 24
“Set Your Cashflow On Cruise Control: How To Automate and Accelerate Your Infinite Cashflow Loop (Without Constant Upkeep Or Babysitting)”
The best part about your infinite cashflow loop is that you only have to build it once. After that, you’ll barely lift a finger as the leads and cashflow roll in month after month… after month. Get Marley’s proprietary strategies for turning your cashflow on autopilot and gaining traction over time in this exhilarating session!

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